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The Eco Friendly Casket Company

                      supplying families with sustainable Earth friendly caskets

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we sell eco-friendly caskets?

We believe that our caskets are the best option for both our customers and the planet. Our caskets are a naturally renewable and sustainable resource. They are biodegradable, eco-friendly and suitable for traditional and green burials or cremation. They are strong, respectful and dignifying, each one in itself a work of art.

Am I allowed to supply my own casket?

Yes you are. You have the right to choose a casket independently. Many families in rural and remote areas cannot visit a funeral director to choose a casket. Your order can be delivered to your home or the funeral director of your choice. Funeral directors are getting more used to people supplying their own caskets.

Are the caskets suitable for a green burial or cremation?

All our caskets meet the requirements for both traditional and green burials or cremation. Green burials and cremation are gaining popularity in Australia. Our caskets include a cotton lining, a cotton quilt and a rigid base which are all fully biodegradable.

How do I place an order?

Choose which products you would like from us. You can place your order online or over the phone. If you have any questions just ring us to discuss which options are best for your family. We accept Credit Card, PayPal and Bank transfer payments.

What sizes are available?

We have a range of casket sizes from very small to large. Our largest caskets are weight rated to hold 150kg in weight and 193cm (6ft 4in) in length.

When will my order arrive?

We use a specialised national freight service to expertly handle our road orders and a local Airline for orders that need to be sent by air. Our floral and totem tributes, island dresses, lava lavas, and blankets are made to order and take approximately 2 days to complete. Your order for far reaching interstate destinations may take up to ten days to arrive by road after dispatch from Cairns.

What Are The Freight Costs?

By Road

Road freight costs vary depending on the distance to the location.

Locals < 100km - no Freight cost

State and Interstate road freight can be arranged - price on request.

Fresh floral tributes are unsuitable for road freight. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss.

By Air

We can arrange air freight for you as soon as practicable so the casket is one less thing for you to worry about.

Far North Queensland Communities - Baby Casket $150

Far North Queensland Communities - Child Casket $300

Far North Queensland Communities - Adult Casket $400

Interstate air freight can be arranged - price on request.

Fresh floral tributes are unsuitable for air freight. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss.