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Willow & Seagrass Casket $2500 + freight


For your loved one.

Our Willow and Seagrass caskets are eco-friendly, affordable and ethically and sustainably sourced. They are suitable for both traditional and green burials and cremation. They are completely natural and biodegradable. They are handcrafted and handwoven and do not contain toxic glues, varnish, paint, acrylic or metals. Colour tones vary as the colours are completely natural.

Cotton material is used to line the caskets for privacy and reverence and a wool filled jacquard quilt pads the base. Our caskets meet current legislative requirements.

We believe our beautiful caskets are the ultimate in environmental recycling. Many Australians will be familiar with the use of Willow in making cricket bats. Willow is a highly renewable crop harvested each year and involves minimal processing. Willow can degrade rapidly in the soil and helps to lock carbon emissions into its stems.

Willow plants are grown sustainably, they are easy to harvest and require no fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides. The plants can replenish fertility in degraded and marginal soils. Willow also provides a habitat for birds and insects. Willow acts as a windbreak and soil stabiliser and can combat river and coastal erosion. By choosing a Willow and Seagrass casket you also support families in coastal farming communities by providing much needed seasonal income.

Willow is a carbon neutral material and when degraded only gives off the same amount of carbon that it has consumed within it's lifetime.

Seagrass is a marine growing plant which grows in the low-lying coastal areas of the Asia-Pacific region. The perennial grasses are harvested from paddy fields that are flooded with seawater during the growing cycle. When the Seagrass is mature the plants are cut and bundled and twisted by hand into strands, ready for weaving.

We have chosen to combine the Seagrass with the Willow to honour the Ocean and seafaring families. Seagrass is sustainably harvested, durable and completely biodegradable.


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